Air conditioning checkup, repair, and maintenance are different terms used to describe the level of services needed to maintain the smooth operation of an air conditioning system. The longevity and performance of any mechanical equipment greatly depend on periodic checkups, preventative maintenance, and necessary repairs.

A periodic air conditioning checkup implies a thorough inspection of the condensing unit, evaporator, air handler, or gas furnace (depending on the season). This process usually takes place while the unit is still is good operating condition. Although it has been shown that a periodic check-up and maintenance improves the performance and extends the life of an air conditioning system, to a large section of the population it is regarded as an unnecessary exercise.

Contrary to common belief, an air conditioning check up is the first of many necessary steps needed to guard against the degradation of performance of any A/C system. It gives great insight in the mechanical integrity of the system and helps determine whether any of the air conditioning components are in need of cleaning, adjusting, maintenance, or repair. It also offers the opportunity to check the freon charge, the heat exchanger to make sure it does not leak carbon monoxide into the living space, and much more.

Though an air conditioning checkup appears to be the least important among the different services mentioned above, it is the first step in safeguarding against any unnecessary breakdown and precedes any unscheduled maintenance or air conditioning repair.

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